Site Redesign


Welcome to the new re-designed This site now focuses on the "shade tree mechanics" who own either Subaru, or Volvo cars. As both a Subaru and Volvo owner, the design philosophy of these brands are closely aligned; both are pragmatic vehicles at their core, with Subaru exploring the performance driving world with more zeal than Volvo. In owning these cars you'll immediately become aware of the large number of interchangeable parts, and core design principles through their model lines. So while I may only show the instructions on how to replace the disc brake pads on a Subaru Impreza, the instructions and parts designs are nearly identical for the Forester and Legacy.

This website now covers basic tools and supplies for working on your car in more detail. These are my personal recommendations and experience for the casual mechanic who is looking to save some money on auto repairs and enjoy the feeling that comes with fixing it yourself and to the quality you wish the shops would do.  All of this is covered in the new Tools and Supplies sections.